Accumulator Vessels

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Accumulator vessels are designed as per ASME SEC. VIII, Div.1 with the latest Edition. Being an ASME authorized company; we stamp the finished vessel with 'U' designator assuring our client the quality of the vessel.

All the activities right from customer Enquiry up-to dispatch (including Presales, Design Calculation, GA and Fabrication Drawing, Weld map drawing, Bill of material, Purchase Order Specifications, Material traceability, Quality documents, etc.) of the vessels are controlled, checked, verified by ASME Authorized Inspector (AI).

MOC of Accumulator Vessel:
Shell: C.S. / S.S. [SA 312 TP316L]
Hemispherical Head: C.S./ S.S. [SA 240 TYPE 316L]
Vessel Opening Ring: C.S./ S.S. [SA 240 TYPE 316L, SA 479 TP316L]

Accumulator Vessels Bladder Type
Accumulator Vessels Bladder Type